• Chairman: Mr Miguel Mora Hidalgo
  • Vicechairman: Mr Manuel Ruiz – Espejo Romero
  • Secretary: Mr Antonio Naranjo Espejo
  • Wine Manager: Mr Pablo Alcaide Priego
  • Wine Manager: Mr Manuel Alférez Portero
  • Oil Manager: Mr Juan José Cabello Márquez
  • Oil Manager: Mr Manuel Herrador Jiménez

Managing Director:

  • Mr Antonio Martínez Hervías


  • Mr Juan Manuel Jiménez González
  • Mr Carlos Navarro García
  • Mr Francisco Redondo Couñago

Transparency in both management and associate information are two of the essential elements which characterise our Cooperative. At least two General Assemblies are held every year. In the ordinary General Assembly for the approval of the annual accounts, the Cooperative members receive a report so they become informed of the works and activities developed along the previous exercise, as well as of the balance at the reporting date. On the other hand, there’s a newsletter printed on a quarterly basis in which members are informed about the Cooperative’s current activities and articles by contributors are published, illustrating different aspects of interest linked with the agricultural activity.