Our History

The agricultural cooperative “La Unión” of Montilla was founded in 1979 on initiative of a group of farmers, encouraged by the workers’ unión UAGA. Right from its start, its activity focused on the production of white wine and extra-quality virgin olive oil, in its facilities in Avenida de Italia in Montilla.

Later, and as a consequence of the constant growth in the number of members, it became necessary to move the wine and oil production to some new facilities, though maintaining in our main address our societal address and the activities of wine aging and wine and oil packaging, as well as the office for associate members service. For that purpose, the Cooperative purchases in 1995 a 161.000 sq feet plot in the extension of Río de la Hoz Street. Here a new oil mill is built and later in 1999 a new grape press is also set up, all of which is equipped with the latest machinery.
The average production is about 2.2 million gallons of white wine, 1.1 million gallons of red wine and almost 3.000 tones of olive oil.

Since its beginnings, our Cooperative has been driven by a constant commitment with the innovation and the improvement of our production process, as well as with the quality of our products. The fruit of this effort is the diverse range and quality of our merchandise –“fino” wines aged under the unique “flor” or natural yeast layer, made from our typical Pedro Ximenez grape variety; Young White wines, obtained from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the Protected Appelation of Origin (PAO) Montilla-Moriles; Young and aged red wines cropped from the Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties from the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) “Vinos de la Tierra de Córdoba”. Additionally, it is well-known the quality of our extra virgin olive oil, extracted from picual and hojiblanca olive varieties.

All the previous has been made possible thanks to the support and cooperation of the over 1.600 members of our Cooperative, who cultivate their fields and contribute their crops in optimal conditions with the aim of achieving first-quality products.

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