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Commitment for innovation in the productive processes and in the fostering of local crops has been a hallmark of La Unión, with the goal of diversifying our economy.

A prime example of this was our project “Quality Wines Production in the Autonomous Community of Andalucía”, which took place for ten years and was carried out in cooperation with the Agriculture Department of the Junta de Andalucía (autonomous regional government of Andalucia), with the aim of studying the agronomic behaviour of different vine varieties, both white and red, as well as the oenological result of their subsequent vinification. This project was carried out in two experimental land plots -one with and one without irrigation systems-, in which ten red and ten white grape varieties were planted. The plantation system used (double-branched espalier) meant a true innovation in our region.

Separate harvests and vinification processes of different grape varieties allowed us to help our members and the whole of the vine growers of the area as well, about the grape varieties that best adapt in our fields and that produce the best wines.

The result of this project was the variety conversion that took place in our winemaking region over the last few years. The planting of new white and red vine varieties made it posible for us to offer new types of wine in the market.

Factors like the dedication and loyalty of the cooperative members alongside the human component of our cooperative staff and outstanding technical facilities are the fundamental base that guarantee our future development. La Unión is proud of having an excellent human team which features a high professional qualification degree. That enables us to offer first-class services to our members and proven quality products to our customers.

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