In La Unión we have up-to-date facilities, located in several different spots, which have been gradually purchased as the contribution of produce by the members has increased. The total surface area of our facilities comes to over 376.000 sq feet.


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We have four hoppers for the reception of olives, four lines of machinery for the clearing of twigs and washing and weighing of the olives; four lines for the oil extraction made up of grinders, horizontal decanters and vertical centrifuges, everything with a total grinding capacity of 400 tones per day. There is also a storage cellar with 22 stainless steel tanks which provide a total storage capacity of over 1.100 tones of olive oil.

In addition, there is a different-format packaging line for the oil, which provides a performance of almost 330 gallons per hour.


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For wine manufacture there is a winery with three hoppers, that allows the clasification of our harvest depending on the different grape varieties, their subsequent degree of alcohol, etc. In our winery we also have three grinder-destemmer machines, four pneumatic presses, Flash-détente thermovinification system, 24 tanks for the controlled fermentation of the white grape musts, 22 self-emptying tanks for the fermentation of the red musts, all of them made of stainless steel and with temperature control system. There are also storage cellars with capacity for over 3.3 million gallons. In order to achieve the biological aging of our fino wine, we have an aging cellar with more than 1.600 American oak barrels provided with misting systems to maintain the right temperature and humidity degrees. At the same time, for the oxydative aging process of the red wine to take place, we have 700 Bordeaux casks and a large area to complete the aging process in the bottles.

Our specialised staff provide the necessary quality control of the whole process in our own laboratory, where analysis of specific parameters are carried out for each one of our products.

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